Founded in 1991, Sari is based in Lentiai located in the Italian province of Belluno. It started off as a manufacturer of pantographed temple tips made of acetate sheets in a wide range of colours, combined with different models of metal temples and bushings. In 2007, the company moved to a modern and spacious 7,500 square meter facility.

Today, Sari offers temples, temple tips, inserts and embellishments, and various types of components in acetate, wood, buffalo horn, carbon, and textiles designed by the company or according to customer specifications. It is a young company with fresh ideas and state-of-the-art technologies.

The catalogue includes an extensive range of models, able to satisfy even the most challenging requirements.

Our research and development department is always available to help customers to develop or recommend new products and services: SARI is aware of the fact that its components are not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye. Temples and temple tips are extremely important because they prevent glasses from slipping down your nose, but also because they serve as a decorative element and act as an accessory: to stay in step with the latest trends in fashion and innovative designs.