The company has a 4,000 square meter production area and employs over 70 people in the various departments. Sari has 40 core temple shooting machines and 25 numerical control milling machines, a grinding and polishing department with 100 drums, a high-speed logo insertion line, and a number of other custom-made machinery, to guarantee top-down control of production to its customers.

For quite a few years now Sari has been using the Kaizen system (continuous improvement). By now the company credo, each employee -from production workers to office staff- is involved in this system which also includes self-certification of the quality of the process for each and every stage of the project.

Our work method has enabled the reduction of lead times to just three weeks, from receipt of material at our warehouses to delivery of the goods. The remarkable production capacity is combined with attention to detail which includes skilled craftsmanship in the finishing process and every single element.

The final stage, with meticulous quality control, proves Sari’s commitment to creating an unquestionably superior final product – in terms of technical and aesthetic qualities – resulting in an extremely high customer satisfaction rating (today 1,500 PPM). Each product is carefully controlled piece by piece.

Moreover, the company is able to handle large production batches and small quantities equally, ensuring fast and accurate order processing in all cases