Research and Development

Sari is a frontrunner in the use and processing of alternative materials.

Amongst these is wood; the company has extensive experience working with this material, manufacturing a large number of products with particularly stylish aesthetic quality. But they have also used carbon, leather and natural horn in a wide number of projects.  

Please visit the products section of this website to see some samples of Sari’s creations. If you are looking for custom product solutions, please feel free to contact us. The research and development department will be glad to work with you to develop or recommend the best solutions for your specific needs.

With over twenty years of experience in working with cellulose acetate, the true raw materials used to make temples for eyeglasses, Sari has developed a large number of machining processes allowing it to offer aesthetically appealing and functional solutions that are unmatched in the industry.

Among the most innovative processes is the bonding of separate sheets of acetate (special Sari bonding system or ISS); this solution makes it possible to mix and match a virtually unlimited number of colour combinations and performed in-house. The picture on the right shows an example two sheets joined together.

Sari recently introduced yet another innovative and exclusive offering: the possibility to insert a three dimensional logo inside the temple piece.